Boone, Iowa

I was wondering if anyone has the Paypal Account name associated with this company?

I'd like to see if there happens to be an Ebay account associated with it to see if they have an account there before I decide to place a test order with them to see how it goes.

And this typing til you get 100 words it annoying as all get out! So I guess I'll just keep typing for a while until I do happen to get to 100 words. And I'll just keep typing away and away and away and away.

Thanks so much!


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Dubuque, Iowa, United States #1299457

Your message made me laugh hysterically. Thanks for that!

Bainbridge Island, Washington, United States #1251163

Do not order from these people as they are not much more than scammers.


I purchased through Rose Gal and have heard nothing since...that's 2 months ago. Rose gal is no longer popping up on my computer.

to Anonymous #1133644

Someone I know said she orders from RoseGal a lot.Now after reading your post, I'm concerned.

I just ordered a blouse for a little over $14 a couple days ago.We'll seee......



I purchased through Zaful and the pay pal account came up ivan also. they are a complete scam they never ship your items


This is such a scam, I ordered from RoseGal and safely and I'm trying to return them and their giving me the money went to Ivan. How do I get in touch with him???


I also paid for items through Rose Gal I still haven't received my goods & am unable to contact them at all I have placed a claim through my PayPal account as I had used them to pay for the items, So we will see hay! If PayPal do nothing what's the point of PayPal,

If site's can just rip people of


I have ordered from Rosegal twice.I got a dress on first order -- NEVER ARRIVED and placed a second order a week after the first (if only I knew the first dress wasn't going to arrive I never would have).

On the second order I got jewelry and another dress. The jewelry arrived in about two weeks got the dress on the second order today over a month and a half later. I don't know if it is a customs issue since it's being shipped from China... Either way I threatened to write horrible social media posts slamming the company about two weeks ago...

maybe that why I got the dress.However; the very first one is still MIA.

I would select the tracking method and up the shipping price if you decide to order from any of these company's.


When I didn't receive my order, I contested it via PayPal.I got a very nice note from IVAN asking me to be patient, that it was on its way.

It never arrived and they never responded to my communications after that.Nor did they ever reimburse me!

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