This site isn't just a scam, it's a well-done scam. The layout and advertising makes it look just like Modcloth or Zulily, and it operates roughly the same way.

But the advertisement and customer photos alike are ripped form other sites, as are some of the in-depth customer reviews. The clothes are made by a Chinese knockoff company that then sells them through a proxy office in the Netherlands to throw off the consumer. They also have fake "sales" going when you log on. It will tell you there are only three days left on the 60% off sale on an item, saying that the "regular price" is around $65+.

You think it's your one time only chance to get a nice wool winter coat for $20, great! In reality, you get a thin nylon-rayon rain coat that does not fit and is shipped to you in the smallest container possible, leaving it wrinkled, battered, and the cheap plastic buttons dangling off by threads.

Reason of review: Fraudulent Company.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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