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I saw an ad for this website on facebook & a great looking white coat for cheap. It seemed too good to be true (free shipping & all) but I decided to give it a try. After paying for a tracking number the tracking website & courier were sketching. Package arrived 3 weeks later & my first impression was it was a really light package for a what I thought to be winter coat.

It is laughable how terrible the quality & size were- button holes too small, coat too big (I ordered small). Buttons loosely stitched. No tags to indicate newness or sizing .Tulle was detachable & ripped. Material is super thin, like felt. The weight indicated online did not match the weight of the package. Coat looked nothing like the pictures online - they must have photoshopped it or worn a different coat.

Submitting a "ticket" to customer service requesting a refund only exacerbated the order. They finally responded 14 days later asking for pictures I had already attached. In the end, they gave no justifications for the mishaps I pointed out and suggested a $5 refund (~14% of the entire purchase price) see for yourself

I tried to post a bad rating on the item on their website but of course the moderator filters & only posts the good ones (which I fell for in the beginning & suspect to be fake)

Please do not buy from this website, if something looks too good to be true it is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dresslily Coat.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $32.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DressLily Cons: Horrible customer service, Stole my money, Return policy sizes of clothes, Quality of item, False advertising.

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Just out of curiosity, did they contact you to offer a $10 credit if you reviewed them on this site? That's how I found this website.

I had a bad experience with DressLily last November, and I had written them off as a company. Then, about a week ago, they emailed me to offer me a $10 credit if I would review them on certain websites, but they wanted to know what I was going to say before giving me the links! Shady AF, IMHO.

So now I've been posting that information - that DressLily tries to buy positive reviews from their customers - on every review site I can find. Kinda explains why they have so many good reviews for such a bad company, don't you think?


I have experience the same deception I ordered from wish the sizes were three sizes too small the material was cheap the thread did not match the material the pants were burgundy that thread was black these are just scam companies that send trash garbage and reject full material to the states and they do this knowingly they do this because they know they will not return our money and there are no penalties against this we have to fight this back by not ordering we also have to complain and push Facebook who's already been in the Limelight for a lot of deceptive actions and whatever our financial institutions are because this is just a ploy to steal money from innocent consumers


Always pay thru PayPal. They will get you your refund.


I can see its not the same coat. But it was a double breasted coat and you have buttoned it as a single breasted.




You made it look good.


replying to those who got upset about someone here who said this person was an *** for expecting good quality out of this, I agree. Yes people look for deals but there's a reason why some people don't have a lot of cash.

*** is as *** does. I have $ because I save it, I don't waste it on ***, and those brain cells also mean I sell skills in the workplace for good $. So don't use the excuse you got screwed since you're poor. Grow a brain and you'll find you're not so poor.

It's kind of like elderly people getting ripped off easily by people calling selling stuff.


You can't spell properly so who's the idiot?


Agree. I don't know where this seller is located or even if it's a legitimate company.

Not only that, now they have charge card numbers and addresses to do whatever with the info. They've been given permission to steal.


it's another sweat shop in China I see from your documentation. They probably have zero to lose by scamming Americans.

I've seen the ads too and already thought it would be a scam. The picture you have from the ad is probably a $1,000 coat.


I AGREE COMPLETELY!!! I ordered just one item (a sweatshirt) and it took one month to actually "process" the order and then another entire month to ship it out.

So over 2 MONTHS to get my item. And during that time they just gave me the run around. Once I did recieve the sweatshirt it is not exactly as pictured on the website and I read that they run small so I ordered an XL which ended up fitting more like a medium. TERRIBLE QUALITY!!!

think twice or even three times before ordering!

Hopefully you will decide to spare yourself! Ugggghhhh so annoying!


That first picture looks like a pic of a doll in a doll house! Seriously!


the photos tell all. un fing believable


Really, you're surprised? I suppose there are enough *** out there who think it's reasonable to expect a well-made high quality coat from a company with excellent customer service...for under fifty bucks.

Perhaps if you reinvested all the time you'll spend whining online about these purchases into REAL quality garments, you'd have better luck. But people like you are only motivated by what's CHEAP.


Ah shut up. You sound more miserable.

You invested time in replying to a complaint that has 0 to do with you. I can admit I'm doing the same, now get off your high horse and *** off.


Hahahaha, too right....high five. X


You go girl! you can tell that was from a man cause us gals love clothes and love a bargain even more!!


Get her girl!


WOW NASTY! Did you have to so rude?

Sorry not everyone has buckets of money.

Some people look for deals. Wonderful you are so blessed to have a money tree in your back yard.


Please guys watch The True Cost. While i hate the rude comments i see on here, you are paying for the very worst cheap labor.

Think how peed off you are at receiving these goods, now think of the people who make those goods for you, risking their health surrounded by dangerous chemicals in dangerous factories, for maybe only $3 a day. Buy ethical.

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