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Where is my order

I placed an order on May 13 2017 I have not received it I want a full refund If i do not have my refund within 24 hours I will be turning u im to the Better Business Burearu I am not a happy person right now it not take 2 in half months to receive a package. I would also like a phone call I no longer have the credit card u have on file like I said I am not a happy customer u will not get any of my business again


Were is my hair why havent anyone contated me is this a scam were is my hair do i have to contact frad

Am very very very very angry need to talk to someone it's very hard to get in touch with anyone at Dresslily am going viral till someone contact me or send me my money or what I ordered am going to go viral threw every neat work possible till I get in touch with anyone or get my stuff no stars from me were is my stuff


I have made two orders from thid site dresslilly

I have my two orders from Dresslilly and I would like to know when they are going to be here one is in Mitzi Millikan and the other was Jerry Vaughan and I would like to know when I'm getting them because I paid early shipping for Mitzi Millikan and regular shipping for Jerry Vaughan


I ordered 2 swimsuits over a month ago where are they

I'm beyond mad and aggravated called the 2 customer service number and can't get through I want my money back or the swimsuits or will get in touch with better business bureau or a lawyer


Never recievied my order

Order #L1705252048346019 placed order May 25,2017 debited from my account never recievied I wanted this shirt for 4 the of July weekend its now July 5th and no shirt have tried calling 100 of times phone number never works I found this on face book and I will go public and let people know what a scam this is please send my shirt know


Where is my area rug

Long throw rug Picture of ocean wave on it No tracking number Money taken out of my bank Paypal used


Waiting for swimsuit

I ordered a three piece swimsuit a month ago...where is it?I haven't even heard or received a shipping email.

I will never again order from dresslily.Customer service is horrible.


I purchased bathing suit cannot track order can u please help me


I ordered 2 swimsuits and i cant track them. I spent extra on shipping still waiting. Can you tell me where they are


My Hair? where Is It?

I made my order 05/12/2017 and paid extra money to get it here faster 3 to 6 days and now its been 10 whole days still no hair smh...


I did not receive my shower curtain that I ordered over a month ago but you sure didn't mind taking my money immediately and the tracking number you gave me is fake you cannot track it. I noticed that you cannot answer anybody's questions on here I will turn you into the Better Business Bureau and I will never order from your site again it's nothing but false advertisement you don't get your order.