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      Most Popular Dresslily Reviews

      Dresslily - Dress Lily.com

      I used my credit card to pay for 4 dresses at dresslily.com .The email said I would get a tracking # for my items, it has been three weeks,no tracking # and no dresses, I call the customer service number and some girl with broken Englishanswered and started making up dates when my dresses were shipped. well I knew then it was a scam and mymoney was gone and no dresses.so I say to you don't shophere at dress lily because you will not get your products that youordered and when you call them its really bad.

      Dresslily - Terrible quality & service.

      I saw an ad for this website on facebook & a great looking white coat for cheap. It seemed too good to be true (free shipping & all) but I decided to give it a try. After paying for a tracking number the tracking website & courier were sketching. Package arrived 3 weeks later & my first impression was it was a really light package for a what I thought to be winter coat. It is laughable how terrible the quality & size were- button holes too small, coat too big (I ordered small). Buttons loosely stitched. No tags to indicate newness or sizing .Tulle was detachable & ripped. Material is super thin, like felt. The weight indicated online did not match the weight of the package. Coat looked nothing like the pictures online - they must have photoshopped it or worn a different coat. Submitting a "ticket" to customer service requesting a refund only exacerbated the order. They finally responded 14 days later asking for pictures I had already attached. In the end, they gave no justifications for the mishaps I pointed out and suggested a $5 refund (~14% of the entire purchase price) see for yourselfI tried to post a bad rating on the item on their website but of course the moderator filters & only posts the good ones (which I fell for in the beginning & suspect to be fake) Please do not buy from this website, if something looks too good to be true it is.

      Dresslily - Coat Review from Racine, Wisconsin

      Same here. This company is bogus. I purchased what I thought was a wool pea coat white the picture was amazing . What I got? Was a jacket made if felt. Even xl was to small for me in their sizes. I gave my self 2 sizes in leway just to b safe! Ha was I wrong. This jacket was ugly. I meN ugluuuuuuu. I hate it. I even posted it on a local online garage sale and all the people didn't want it I can't even sell it locally! I'm very upset I try to put a complaint in and can't get the code correct to get thru to them to contact them. Any advice???? I want to return this dreadful felt jacket and get s refund. I can't even get past the point in their site to tell them about this! How odd guess that's to make u go past your 7 day grace period they give u!!!!! Ha!!!! What a joke bewareeee ppl beware!