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Update by user Oct 14, 2014

I should also say that a few days after this incident I was browsing around for reliable clothing websites and I found one that looked quite nice. After looking around I noticed some photos that looked familiar, then it hit me.

I had seen some of these clothing items on Dresslily! Clearly, Dresslily went hunting around the internet and saved pictures from legitimate clothing websites, photoshopped them, and put the up on their page! Here's an example: the first image I have added, of the white coat, is from Dresslily. The second, the blue coat, is from a company called Apostolic clothing and is actually a $200 or so coat.

With some photoshopping of the second photo you get the Dresslily one. Caught you Dresslily!

Original review posted by user Oct 14, 2014

I stumbled upon Dresslily and thought it was a dream come true. The clothes were beautiful and not very expensive.

I found a coat I absolutely adored so my mom decided to order it for me so I'd have a nice coat this winter. I placed my order and 2 weeks later I started getting anxious. I checked my order and it was still, "processing." I decided to go to their facebook page and see what other people had to say and lo and behold, I found hundreds of people describing how awful this website was. I immediately shot Dresslily a message through their support center and asked to have my order canceled and asked for a refund.

They got back to me fairly quick and said my order was packaged but had not been sent so I could still cancel if I wanted to. They then apologized and said there was a delay in shipping because of a Chinese national holiday however they didn't mention my refund at all. I then told them that yes I still wished to cancel my order and asked about my refund. What happened next infuriated me.

They replied again in less than 24 hours and said that it was too late and that my items had been shipped. I replied with a nasty message saying that I asked them to cancel and still wanted a refund and it felt as though they were completely ignoring me. They then figured the best way to handle this situation was to give me a coupon for 5% off my next order. Seriously!?

What makes them think I'd want to shop with them after all of this? I gave them a piece of my mind and DEMANDED a refund and yet they still didn't listen. All they said was that I can keep the package and the best they can do is refund me $8. Stay away from this company guys.

Even if by some miracle I actually see my coat I will say that their customer service is terrible. I even went as far as to make a dispute via Paypal, which I paid through, and the company ignored me for days and then gave me the exact same message I was sent earlier about the coupon for 5% off.

I'm so glad my mom only spent $38 and I'm also glad that this has been handed over to our credit card company. This has been nothing but a nightmare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dresslily Coupon.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $38.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

DressLily Cons: Customer service.

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I meant Dresslily on the coat that smelled like chemicals!


I purchased from Zoolilly and my coat I ordered to small and smelled like chemicals! I called to send back and get a refund.

They told me it was to expensive to ship back to just donate the cost and they refined my money!

Happy they defy one, but I gave the coat away! Was disysbout the smell.


Buy junk from China, accept the consequences.

Sympathy level = 0


That is one long winded review.

Q. How can anyone buy clothes online ?

Such things must be examined in person for fit and finish. (and immediate delivery)

You're begging for issues any other way.

Sometimes men can get away with some online purchases ; their clothes are measured in actual units (inches : waist, inseam, length, etc) but women's are a gamble. A Chinese XL is a U.S.

medium. A fancy store's Size 6 is a 12 somewhere else.


I never received my order cause of a typo in my address. I told them I took full responsibility for the mistake and ask what could be done about it.

They just kept asking for info about my product which I had already proved to them. Then I got this message Therefore there should be no compensation in your case but we can proved you with a coupon for 10% off your next order who want 10% when I spent $20.00 dollars to start with.

Very upset customer that will never order with them again!!!!


I want to try to get my refund first before I really go in on comments. It's so frustrating dealing with their convoluted website.

Ugh! Hate it them who what!


Yes, they are frauds. I'm trying to refund my funds as I type. I would prefer not use my name.


I agree, I think they're frauds!


I have been asking for a return add. They said I had to give them everything that was any where, which I had some of it.

They continue to ignore me.

Several of the dresses, and sent back were horrible. After this none of Dresslily again.


This is my first time and last time to order from Dresslily!!!! I'm having a hard time getting them to respond to my emails.

I ordered a...pic of a beautiful blue button down blouse with lace sleeves. What I got was a faded out blue..strings hanging everywhere and what was suppose to be xl, came to my waist. Very Very POOR QUALITY!!!!

It came from overseas, that I didn't know, thought it was a U.S. based company!!!


What on earth made you think this company was based in the US??? Seriously people, learn how to read and comprehend!

Furthermore, stop expecting high quality garments for next to nothing....

QUALITY COSTS MONEY! Stop being so cheap, and you'll find you won't have to whine so much.


How about instead of being rude and insulting to someone who clearly just made a mistake, you either offer some advice or keep quiet? This is a place to come for answers you can't find anywhere else, not to be called cheap or whiny. Stop acting like such a know-it-all.


if it takes more than 7days it's coming from overseas. Buyer beware.


If its too good to be true, it is.

Remember that.


Wow ...okay now it all makes sense

. wtf :(


I ordered on October 21,2014 4 coats 2small 2 medium ive not gotten them nor have I got a 're fund the coats are gifts for my girls but I can't get you to send them or call me.1-803-899-1859.

Im very mad to know a consumer would steal money n not send the order so ive turned your company in to be investigated. marieskelton26@gmail.com


It looks like I'm going down the same road and will also report them once I get the song and dance.

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