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Update by user Nov 26, 2014

Here's a pic of the cost dress lily posted and then a pic of what I actually received .. I am mad as *** this isn't a coat it's a jacket it made of fleece or felt.

I hate it. I'm so mad

Original review posted by user Nov 26, 2014

Same here. This company is bogus.

I purchased what I thought was a wool pea coat white the picture was amazing . What I got? Was a jacket made if felt. Even xl was to small for me in their sizes.

I gave my self 2 sizes in leway just to b safe! Ha was I wrong. This jacket was ugly. I meN ugluuuuuuu.

I hate it. I even posted it on a local online garage sale and all the people didn't want it I can't even sell it locally! I'm very upset I try to put a complaint in and can't get the code correct to get thru to them to contact them. Any advice????

I want to return this dreadful felt jacket and get s refund. I can't even get past the point in their site to tell them about this! How odd guess that's to make u go past your 7 day grace period they give u!!!!!

Ha!!!! What a joke bewareeee ppl beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dresslily Coat.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Dream Products quality is worse than questionable -- it's downright horrible. Definitely a scam, pictures are somewhat illustrative, but not truly representative of what you get.

They target poor people without much money who live alone and can't get out to look at and buy what they need. Quality of "diabetic slippers" I purchased for husband was even less than what you can buy for $12.99 at Kmart, believe me. It's like cardboard with felt pasted over it. Construction cheaper than a 2nd grader could make, materials even worse.

They suck us all in with the low prices and free shipping thing, but it would cost $12 to mail them back (does that tell you how lightweight they are?), and then they want you to pay for insurance too or they claim they never received the return -- that is, if you ever get a response from them again. JUST WALK AWAY. IF something's too good to be true ...

stop insisting that this time will be different -- that last part's for me, if only I could remember it. LOL


Never buy from this company it is a total scam, the pictures posted are way different from what u getting The quality is questionable and the dress I bought didn't even fit You cannot get anybody for complain I just took my lost and will never order from them again


Fake app


Haute look gives you 3months to return the product no questions asked.


rotflmbo....whew too funny. It is not funny that this happened to you, but funny in that the two pictures you posted LOOK NOTHING ALIKE.

Believe me, I purchased a winter coat for approximately $40. It has been over two months, and I have still not received my coat. Now they say it was either lost or the Post Office has it. BS!!

I don't care if I have to take a loss...I want my money back, but am sure I won't see a penny of it.



The white pea coat is really nice looking. Thanks for posting this warning.

I'm always looking for coats like that.

The once you received definitely isn't very flattering. I appreciate the warning and I hope you manage to get your refund.


Here's the thing they did u a favor by not sending it lol it is a piece of trash! I do have N update rather!!!!

So ok since November, I have been waiting for my refund! They told me rather then sending it back they would reimburse my dress lily account 20.00. Plus keep my items! So I technically paid 40.00 then for the items!

I wasn't happy either way so I said screw it I will just take the offer as I wa being put in a position of where they never contact a person back to often so I said I'll take that deal!

Anyways here it it January I have been back and forth dealing with 10 different customer reps! I'd have one deal settled which was the 20.00 then i Never vor it back them, so i recontacted them Again and again and again to get another rep saying how can I help u??? Mind u there is a message board in which all the past messages are stored for u to read and keep as well as the customer rep on there end to read basic data entry!

So I'm like what do u mean how can I help u??? Don't u see the messages above? So again I'd have to go back and forth copying and pasting and sending the messages about my whole situation! Every single time I was told we will reimburse u the money in 7 days.

Then 7 days would pass and nothing! I went thru that for two straight months! I had 10 diff ppl I was dealing with and they were all dumb founded every time I'd say well it's been 7 days no refund! Then they'd respond three days later saying be patient?????

Lmao I nearly threw my phone! So after all that bs back and forth games! I realized if u keep on pushing them for a refund and I mean everyday keep sending a message for a update or what ever the case is, the more u push the more the get there *** moving on it! In my case I finally received a 20.00 credit In my bank account not my dress lily account which was better!

Cuz now I dont have to buy none of there *** again!!!!! Again this took 3 months to get back as well as being in there *** very single day to remind them! If u even let one day pass and then ask get where's my cash? They will b like for what?

Then u will be ran around over and over! Persistence is the key of u deal with this shady *** company excuse the language but the world needs to know these folks are liars, stealers, false advertisers! I called my bank and that credit was in there! I am now free from dress lily with a ugly coat my dog wouldn't wear lol but hey' a lesson learned!

My issue is unusually always read reviews before I buy anything I mean anything!!!!!! In this one case I didn't and look what happens???? So thanks for reading and beware of DRESSLiLY.COM. Scammers and liars and cheats stay far far farrrrrrre away!!!!!!

In addition the product instantly ageless is a facial product that is for bags under the eyes! Does work however will give u wrinkles under ur eyes when u smile!!!!! They never show the models smiling!!!

And if u want it to work don't smile ever with this product on I have proof in pics!!!!! Horrible!


So so so glad I read reviews. Everyone, ALWAYS DO.


At least you received something i ordered that same coat dec.6 2014 and have not received it yet!!! Now i'm reading all these reviews and figure I will never get it.

I guess that is a $35 lesson. I will ALWAYS read reviews first from now on and pay a decent price.

@Learned an online lesson

Read above^^^


Thank you so much for posting this review.

I was actually considering buying this exact coat, it looks so nice.

I know the prices on-line are too good to be true, but it is so tempting. I have ordered 3 pieces of clothing from China on Ebay and 2 of them were really cheap material, although still wearable. I really appreciate you taking the time to warn everyone. I know that these website 'steal' the good photos from other sites and then produce cheap knock-offs...

have you found a place that sells the original/real white wool peacoat? I found it on Rotita.com but they are also a Chinese company with very bad reviews.

Then I also found it on http://shop.fashionstylemag.com which is powered by Amazon so it seems slightly more legitimate but I still can't trust it because it is the same model wearing the coat as in Rotita.com. I think I will just stick to shopping at local stores where I can try things on to make sure they're right.

@Be Careful

You are most welcome! I totally agree with you!

Yes I have researched I have no clue in America where that coat is originally from but if I anyone knows the real deal let this girl know lol I love that coat! I'll keep u posted too info begins it! Also look out for instantly ageless for under eye bags another scam it work as far as tightening but they never show the models smiling and so it ages u like 30 years! I swear I am a critic for the people out here who want to strongly believe in a product!

But yeah that stuff is awful too so beware if u ever wanted to try it! Thanks and good luck

@Be Careful

Is quite disappointing as the pictures of the clothing are amazing..I as well have searched for these items in local stores as well as on line at legitimate stores with no satisfaction. I have come to conclusion beautiful, unusual, striking clothing such as they advertise are high high end quality pieces that most likely cost thousands of dollars...far more then I am willing to pay.


I agree. Obviously these pictures are of very high end original dresses that they advertise and then cheaply copy and send as if is the original they advertise.

Couldn’t be any further from the truth! I lost 160.00 and have 2 items I wouldn’t wear in public!


Aww... I feel bad for you.

Your photo of the actual coat you received was terrible!! Bleh!!


So as I waited for the issue to be resolved it's NOT!!!!! I have been messaging back and forth with these people since November!!!

We finally agreed in a solution that being that dress lily would reimburse me 20 US dollars in my dress lily account! I said I wanted to return the cost, they said it would cost me more to return with S&H,,, and all. So of course I wasn't about to believe anything they said so I pers checked out on that info and they were correct only thing they were honest about was that comment so that's y I took the deal of having my account credited and would b able to keep this coat made of felt and buttons falling off! Lol anyways dyer agreeing I was told to wait 7 days next thing I know it's been a month and still nothing !!!!!

After messaging them over and over every day yes I sure did keep on them for them to respond be patient!!!?????? Lol I let them have it in the best away I knew by threatening them with fox 6 news an how they are sabotage there business by doing this to theyre customers! Then I get a response oh hi send us pictures and your account number so we can solve this issue!! I literally tripped lol like what??????

I already submitted all that info months ago Nd that we already agreed on a solution now where's my credit on my account?????? Then this guy responds next day. Btw it's a 24 hr wait for a response! But this guy says we will credit your account in 7 days !

I says I was already told that!!!!! I don't believe you! He stated I have his word and I'll get it in a week or sooner and he was sorry!! I told him he should b sorry as he's only ruining his business that word of mouth and internet is the best way to promote these kind of issues and that dress lily can Be reported and there doing it to themselves by being deceitful rude, and a lie!!!

He just kept saying I'll get the credit! So Here we goooooo again I am waiting it out again then if nothing I'm reporting to news! I get that it's 20.00 but it's the principal really! I was sold a jacket that looked absolutely nothing like the pic except buttons and color!

It's not wool as it's advertised it's felt . Buttons r about to fall off ,, I mean it's made so cheap I could have took that 60.00 and bought a Calvin k for way better quality!!!! I am also doing this for the rest oytr her who's been screwed by DRESS-LILY!!!!!

Scam company!!!!! Will c if I get my credit!!!!!


I am still waiting for my November 12 order. I recevied the red dress boots however I could not get them zipped up to my ankles.

They are made or an very small ankle and leg. I was se t a phot of my order in a small white plastic bag with my name on it and that is as far as it went.

I wonder if I will ever see it. Doesn't sound like it.


Hi can I ask are u communicating with them like I've been and then get jived around? I'm just curious if u have been in contact with these jerkoffs! Ty

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