I used my credit card to pay for 4 dresses at dresslily.com .The email said I would get a

tracking # for my items, it has been three weeks,no

tracking # and no dresses, I call the customer

service number and some girl with broken English

answered and started making up dates when my dresses

were shipped. well I knew then it was a scam and my

money was gone and no dresses.so I say to you don't shop

here at dress lily because you will not get your products that you

ordered and when you call them its really bad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dresslily Dress.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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What a joke this site is. They took my payment first and then asked for address verification so I took a picture of a bill and blanked out the account #.

They did not accept the verification. I cancelled the order after speaking with an agent that continuously claimed she was in Washington DC.

until she relented she was in China. I will never use this Chicom company again.


How did you find the phone number? I can't find it anywhere.


dont use cc for website use a dc


Actually it's better to use a credit card. You're more likely to get your money back in a dispute or if there are fraudulent charges.

That's why the news always says to use credit cards when paying for gas at the pump, in case your card is skimmed. You have more protections.


My daughter is having the same problem however her credit card reversed the charges. It appeared, by the label over label, the dresses were drop shipped to Staten Island, NY and California.

New label applied and then shipped to her Florida address. As directed, she emailed customer service and after waiting a few days with no response, she sent the dresses, certified with a tracking number-USPS, to Staten Island, NY and the post office documents the delivery.

No e mail from Dresslily has addressed the the items return.

No reason to file a complaint with the BBB as Dresslily is not a registered company and they do not respond to legitimate complaints. Check with your credit card company to see if they can provide help by you contesting the charge(s).


I just saw there is nothing on order from my I paid you for every thingI am running out of patientence with you people I want my oorders


you said you called, do you have a number? I have searched everywhere and can't find a number. will you share it please?


I ordered a dress.....I will not again....I paid highest shipping....3 to 5 days.....still no dress. Ordered approximately 3 weeks ago......not happy


I agree! Ordered two wigs & only received one, in a box labeled "2 wigs"! Then found it IMPOSSIBLE to contact company (which is in China).


There is nothing anonyous about me my name is Francell and I ordered a wig about 3 weeks ago and not one word about when I will receive it. All I have to say that god see all and what go's around , comes around. Watch your back dresslily.com


You know i was done wrong too, i ordered what was supposed to be a coat but it look like someone tried to make this coat themselves and the material they used was thin as a dress and too small and there was no order number or tracking number. So all i can say to everyone is do not order anything from these people they are crooks.

I paid $40.00 for that coat.

All they did was took my money. I;m going to get me a lawyer and see what can be done.


Where is my wig, I ordered and paid through PayPal. on 1-4-16 4950-4517-7644-4785


same issue. never received sweater.

want me to take a picture of the sweater I never received. It's been 3 months


So glad to have found this site. I was just getting ready to place an order.

You saved me.

Thanks. Sorry about your losses.


I'm going through a problem with them right now. Waited 2 months to get the jacket I ordered...and not it's too small....can't seem to find out how to send the item back.

They want me to take pictures of it?



This is without a doubt the worse experience I have had on the internet...We ordered and got 2 of the 8 items that we wanted...the rest was items just thrown in to give us something...these folks are a rip off...If you want to throw your money away... send it to them... but do not expect to get what you asked for or for any customer service...This is the biggest ripoff on the internet...PERIOD.


never order from these people again.i never received my order, they tried to tell me someone was using my email address and got my order. they are full of it.


I payd with my credit card no I times yet it's been 3weeks.I won't my *** or my money-back.


I ordered 2 shirts and have not received them yet . I would like to know what the *** is going on with my order if I don't get it I want my money back on my card now!!!!¡!


I too ordered a coat and tried to used the track number they gave me and could not get anywhere with it , I wish that I payed attention to this online website , I guess I will not receive my order either, we all need to do something about this !

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